The Journey and the Dream

“Both are important … the Journey and the Dream.” – Murray Bodo, OFM

Finding words that inspire us, ignite our hearts, and set fire to enthusiasm within is always a delight.  To rediscover those words three decades later is a miracle and no less inspiring today than it was then.  The following is from Francis: The Journey and the Dream, a delightful allegory about the life of St. Francis of Assisi and written by Rev. Murray Bodo, OFM.

Francis was born into a wealthy family whose father expected him to take an active leadership role in his prosperous silk business.  Instead, Francis acted upon intuition and instinct and prayer and consciousness into loving service to others.  The founder of the Order of St. Francis encouraged others to turn inside where the Voice of our own dreams speak and to respond with trust and faith to follow where Spirit leads you.

Both are important,
The Journey and the Dream,
The coming out and the entering in.

Without the Journey
The Dream is a futile entering in yourself
Where you ride a monotonous wheel
That spins around you alone.

With the Journey
The entering in is itself a Journey
That does not end inside you
But passes through the self and
Out the other side of you
Where you ride the wheel
You find inside.

To remain inside too long
Makes the Journey a fairytale Odyssey
That spins around you alone
And the Dream becomes illusion.
The wheel must spin on the real road
Where your Dream leads you.

To remain on the road too long dims the Dream
Until you no longer see it
And the road replaces the Dream.

The Journey and the Dream
Are one balanced act of love
And both are realized
Outside the mind.

Murray Bodo, OFM

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