As a speaker, educator, youth advocate, and author, I inspire and motivate others. I prepare youth to be leaders and adults to be mentors and role models. I empower schools, youth groups, and organizations with resources to combat bullying and build caring, inclusive communities.

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My Purpose Statement:  I inspire everyone to  discover their unlimited potential where all things are possible.

My Vision:  I transform the world from the inside-out by empowering others with tools to build collaborative leadership and sustainable communities.

My Mission:  I prepare youth to be leaders and adults to be mentors and role models.

My Goal:  I help young people and adults establish strong collaborative communities and goals aligned with their vision, mission, and core values.

About This Site

DrJulieConnor.com is my Internet home where you’ll find:

TAKE ACTION BLOG – Discover tips to dream big, plan well, work smart, and pursue your individual or group dream with confident passion. I share tips that build collaborative leadership for young people and adults.

WHAT’S YOUR DREAM? – Get crystal-clear about your direction and break it down into manageable chunks that become part of your daily routine. Move forward with attainable goals.

TRAILBLAZER STORE  Find tools you need to reach your goals. Get Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide in paperback or the eBook. Download free planning tools to help you reach your goals.

PERSONAL COACHING – I provide individual and group coaching to support you on your goal-setting journey.

CONTACT ME  As a seasoned speaker, educator, and author, I provide keynote presentations and workshops that will help you build collaborative and sustainable communities tailored to your specific needs and audience.

About Me

My life has been blessed by wise teachers: men, women, and students I’ve met along the way. So, here’s some things you’ll learn about me…

Dr. Julie Connor - About MeI was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

I learned to paint and twirl a baton at a park near our home. 

My family moved to St. Louis when I was five.

I was painfully shy, but I loved to act. I loved to sing. I loved to write.

I attended a Catholic elementary school.

Dr. Julie Connor - About MeI was a Camp Fire Girl (I’m wearing a cap on the right!). My Native American name was Soan-ge-ta’ha (Algonquian language of the Ojibwa) which means “strong heart.”

My Catholic high school closed when I was a freshman. I transferred to a public high school and learned about others cultures and religions.

I lived with Catholic sisters and formed vacation bible camps in the Ozark mountains after I graduated from high school.

I could not decide if I wanted to be an actress, a music major, or a youth minister. 

Dr. Julie Connor - About MeI decided to become a science teacher. I thought there were more jobs for science teachers.

I attended the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO (Home of the Mules).

I joined a sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, to overcome shyness.

I was president of the Student Government Association.

My friends from the Baptist church invited me to sing in their choir and participate in their youth group. 

Dr. Julie Connor - About MeI took agriculture classes in college because I wanted to live on a farm.  I loved animals.

My first teaching position was at Holy Rosary Elementary School in Clinton, Missouri.

I became a Catholic youth minister. My ministry was strongly experienced by the Baptist youth group I attended in college.

I created workshops for adults and teen leaders about how to reach out to at-risk youth.

I wrote and directed celebrations that merged traditional Christian rituals with current social justice issues.

Dr. Julie Connor - About MeI spoke at youth conferences throughout the country.

I lived a double life:  As I experienced success inspiring others, I was drowning in depression and a severe panic disorder.

I found help. And I found hope.

I accepted a teaching position in an urban school district in Kansas City. I found my voice in the urban core.

I was in a serious car accident. A brain injury impacted my short-term memory.Dr. Julie Connor - About Me

I was afraid short-term memory issues would end my teaching career. It deepened my compassion and gave me skills to be a better teacher.

I went back to school and earned a doctoral degree in educational leadership.

My school district downsized. I lost my job.

The loss of my job offered an opportunity to reinvent myself.

I started to dream again.  I thought I had forgotten how.  I remembered.Dr. Julie Connor - About Me

I wrote a goal-setting book, Dreams to Action Trailblazer’s Guide, to help others discover their dreams and pursue their passions.

After a 15 year hiatus, I received invitations to prepare youth, teachers, and adult volunteers with leadership training. 

I prepare youth to be leaders and adults to be mentors and role models as a speaker and writer.

I encourage teens to refuse to be defined by labels and to pursue their passions in this TED talk.

I pay it forward. I provide at-risk youth and families with goal-setting tools and training in Kansas City’s urban core.

I still love animals. I have two dogs (Sox and Snickers) and a cat (Molly). I can’t save all of the abandoned animals who need homes, but I can save three of them.

I love to network and connect with others through social media! My social media links are in the upper right-hand corner of the website page. Let’s connect!

The Adventure Continues …